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Powered Hang Gliding Honolulu Hawaii Oahu North Shore. Ultralight Glider Hawaii  

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Price of 60 Minute Powered Hang Gliding Flights Over Honolulu, Hawaii.  Ultralight Hand Gliding Oahu's North Shore



Our 60 minute flight lesson is our complete and exclusive adventure.  Elements in this flight covers turns, climbs, descents, and straight and level flight--which you will most likely be conducting by navigating us around the island.  On this journey, I will reveal to you the secrets behind Hawaiian history and the lay of the land. 

If conditions permit we'll circumnavigate Mount Ka'ala which is the tallest peak on Oahu and never see the same sights twice.  We'll cross the ravines that border Central Oahu that hug the Wai'anae Mountain Range while edging iconic Pearl Harbor. 

The Westside boasts views of rugged mountain ranges greeting white sandy beaches.  Highlights on the Leeward coast are Yokohama Bay and Makua Caves.  The "icing on the cake" near the end of our voyage will be witnessing majestic Makua Valley--a sacred valley of rest in ancient Hawaiian history.  

We highly encourage you to plan us early in your trip since all of our flights are weather permitting.  If you fly with us closer upon your arrival, waking up early won't be hard since your biological clock will still be on 'mainland' or International time.  As a reminder, we only fly in the early mornings.  Please call ahead of time to ensure best availability as reservations are required.

price: $275

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