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Powered Hang Gliding Honolulu Hawaii Oahu North Shore. Ultralight Glider Hawaii  

Q & A's

Questions & Answers for Powered Hang Gliding Flights Over Honolulu, Hawaii.  Ultralight Hand Gliding Oahu's North Shore.  Powered Gliders 



Did hang gliding hawaii win the best of 2015 award?

Yes, our community has selected us as a winner of the 2015 Waialua Awards Program.  As well as other attributes, the selection was based on our positivity through customer feedback and community image.  The award recognizes us as focusing on "quality, not quantity."  We are extremely proud and honored to be acknowledged as having "long-term value."  

how did you get into flying & what is aloha air memorial?

"It takes just one flight.."  AAM is a non-profit Ash Scattering Service we provide to honor those whose cremated remains wished to be scattered.  The service is a way to give back to our great community and the people who love the ocean, nature, and Hawaii.  We feel blessed to have been Born and Raised on Oahu for 5 generations and it's time to give back.  

is your "monster" edition trike featured on the cover of light-sport & ULTRALIGHT magazine?

Yes, besides earning the cover shot on our "tricked out trike" there's an eight page review on our "Monster" Edition aircraft.  If you read the write-up, you'll have an idea of why our aircraft is considered the "Ferrari of flying motorcycles.  You can also click here to watch a video that will help you understand how our Revo aircraft outclasses any other POWERED Hang Glider in the industry by safety, construction, comfort, design, and performance.

What is the experience like?

The experience is totally different from any other flying sensation.  Some attest this is the closest feeling to flying like a bird because of the wing's unique flight characteristics.  Pure hang gliding flight with the safety and comfort of an engine.  Not to mention, you'll be soaring in style and comfort with the most State-Of-The-Art flying motorcycle in the Pacific up to 100+ miles an hour!  

is it safe?

Powered hang gliders are considered to be one of the safest forms of flight.  If the engine quits, the aircraft can glide down safely because it doesn't need a motor to land.  The aircraft is also equipped with a rocket-propelled emergency parachute that allows the entire aircraft to safely reach the ground at a slow descent rate while deployed for unparalleled safety.  

what is your cancellation policy?

You must give at least 24 hours notice in advanced to cancel or reschedule your reservation guarantee without charge.  If given less than 24 hours notice and we cannot fill your spot, you will be charged 50% of your booked flight.  If we can fill your spot, you will not be charged.  Reserved flights that were given less than 24 hour notice to reschedule will result in a charge that amounts to half the value of each reserved flight's retail cost if we cannot fill your time slot.   

What if the weather looks bad?

The weather in Hawaii is very different from anywhere else.  Rain and clouds on one side does not mean rain and clouds on the other.  The weather is constantly changing and if it's raining, usually it clears.  Luckily, we are located closer to the Leeward side, the region of least rain, dry climate, and clearer skies.  

can I bring my own camera on the aircraft?

No.  We can't risk anything loose going through the propellor for safety reasons.  We have our own specially mounted cameras on the aircraft wing with photos and video for purchase after the flight.  

what should i wear?

Flight suits and special flying equipment will be provided.  Please no sandals, rubber slippers,  flip flops, or loose jewelry.    Covered shoes are preferred.  

what is the passenger weight limit?

240 lbs.

When can we fly?

Flights typically start at sunrise and end around 10 am.  Flying early maximizes light-winds, smooth air, and best lighting for photos for an epic flight.  All flights are weather permitting so please reserve early in your stay and ahead of time to secure best availability.