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Powered Hang Gliding Honolulu Hawaii Oahu North Shore. Ultralight Glider Hawaii  

Sport Pilot

Requirements of a Sport Pilot Certificate for Powered Hang Gliding Hawaii and Honolulu.  Ultralight flying on Oahu's North Shore.

Weight-Shift Control Sport Pilot Requirements 

*61.305 Age & Language Requirements - Must be at least 17 yrs of age, be able read, speak, write, & understand English.

*61.307 Tests Required - Knowledge test & Practical test 

*61.313 Aeronautical Experience (WSC)

      -- 20 hours of flight time (15 hours w/ flight instructor)

      -- 10 take-offs & landings 

      --  5  hours of solo flight training in the areas 61.311

      --  2 hours of cross-country training 

      --  2 hours of flight preparation for practical test w/ flight instructor 

      --  1 solo cross-country at least 50 nautical miles 


Recommended Books

*Weight-Shift Control Flying Handbook (FAA)

*Weight-Shift Control Aircraft Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge (Paul Hamilton)

*Flying Trikes (Larry Mednick)

*Federal Aviation Regulations & Aeronautical Information Manual 2015 edition (FAA)

*Say Again, Please (Bob Garner)

*Essentials of Meteorology (Donald Ahrens) 


Recommended DVD & Software 

*Prepware 2015 (ASA)

*Trike School (Larry Mednick)

*Weather to Fly (Paul Hamilton) 

*Private Pilot Virtual Test Prep Series (ASA)

*Say Again, Please Communications Trainer (ASA)  


Learning to fly is one of the most privileged and gratifying feats that one can accomplish.  Having the right chemistry with a competent instructor is essential for the learning process which should be enjoyable.  Safety should always be the number one priority at all times.  Please feel free to contact me at anytime if you have any interests in becoming a sport pilot.  I would love to share my knowledge, experiences, and passion with anyone anxious to learn about aviation.  ALOHA!

"Becasue a good pilot is always learning"

                       -Jason Schappert